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Plantation, FL


Trusted Lawyers in Plantation, FL

Wild Felice & Partners, PA has been providing the local representation of a Plantation, FL, lawyer for more than 8 years. We’ll try and assist you with your legal needs to achieve our highest goal of protecting the rights of you and your loved ones. Whether you’re facing the difficult process of probate administration or seek to plan for the distribution of your own assets, we’re here to help.

We aim for a personal approach with each of our clients and have an objective of making our advice and guidance understandable and practical. We can work with individuals and families in the areas of:

  • Establishing wills and trusts
  • Estate planning and asset protection
  • Probate laws and administration

You’ll find the Plantation, FL, lawyer who's fully licensed at Wild Felice & Partners, PA. Take advantage of our free consultation and flexible scheduling to make an appointment today, and we'll discuss your specific circumstances.